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Date *
Empty 'End date' values will use the 'Start date' values.
E.g., 24/10/2014
E.g., 12:45pm
E.g., 24/10/2014
E.g., 12:45pm
Every weekday
Every Mon, Wed, Fri
Every Tue, Thu
Every weeks
Every years
After occurrences
E.g., 24/10/2014
E.g., 24/10/2014
E.g., 24/10/2014
If this event's ending date has passed, tick this box to exclude it from the sitewide maps. (This is a temporary solution until I figure out some way of automating this exclusion - CJR)
Leave blank to use trimmed value of full text as the summary.

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Enter the details of the event
Upload an image to go with this event.
This method may be used to attach files that exceed the file size limit. Files may be attached from the directory on the server, usually uploaded through FTP.
Files must be less than 1 MB.
Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.
Images must be larger than 600x400 pixels.
Insert the URL of the video you would like to embed on the page.
Add the cost of the event if any
Contact Details
Insert the phone Number or numbers for the listing
Insert the email address of the contact for the event
Select the location of this event
e.g. a place of business, venue, meeting point

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